Life Tyson

In life, you hear people say “you know, just roll with the punches.” Well, life for me feels like going toe to toe with the 1988 version of Mike Tyson. Now those that know boxing, know that Mike was a bad muthafucka for majority of his career but in ’88, that man was GODLY. The man was ruthless in the ring. As soon as the bell rung, he’d be on your ass like stank on shit. I mean, right hooks to the body to suck the wind out of you then a right uppercut to the chin to knock you out cold.

A little over a year ago, the company that I worked 9 years for decided to let me go…..right hook. I was not prepared for this bout AT ALL. I’ve never been without a job before. Hell, the day that I turned 16 my mother took me to a job interview. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up trying to be too smart for my own good.

Initially, I looked at me getting fired as a blessing. I have all of this free time now to do whatever I wanted. I figured that I’d do some work for myself. I can finally do the things that make me happy that I didn’t have the time to do while I was working. Shit is gonna be sweet, right?

WRONG AS FUCK. Life Tyson was giving me the sweetest science. I’m talking about punch combinations that I had never seen before. 
“Oh you thought you were gonna pay rent, ha?” *LEFT HOOK TO THE BODY*
“You thought you were going to be motivated, ha?”
“Where do you think you’re going to drive that car today,ha?”

*crowd goes wild*

But…I got up from that. It was a standing 8 count but dammit, I’m up. I’m ready to continue the fight. I get my confidence up and say to myself that I’m going to find a job doing the things that I love. I fill out app after app. I take trips to NYC with my resume hoping that I’ll meet the right person that can help open a door for me. I meet people, good people. I’m feeling optimistic about everything and then….nothing. Complete silence. No response from any of those applications or people that I had spoke with. It’s like I got hit by a shadow punch. You know, the one that’s so quick that you don’t see it coming. Fortunately, this one isn’t enough to knock me down but it definitely hurt me enough to start effecting my entire body. I got a cut over my so that I can’t focus…..relationship issues. My knees are pretty wobbly….no money for food. I can barely hold my hands up to defend myself….depression.


Life Tyson is funny. Sometimes he just likes to make you suffer. He’ll beat you within an inch of death only so that you can stay alive long enough for him to beat you some more. But, the way that I see it, this is his downfall. He underestimates the will of fighter. Hell…after taking a beating like that, some folks would have thrown in the towel. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve even thought about it. You know, it’d be easy to stop the bleeding. There’s a million ways that I could have done it. Quick and easy ways, slow and painful ways. You name it, I’ve thought about it. I’ve also thought about how that would effect those who support me. Those who no matter how bad Life Tyson beats me down, they just want to see me stand up and keep fighting. Those people are the reason that I do what I do.

Lastly, I don’t want folks to think that Life can’t be beaten. He’s one bad muthafucka but he’s not invincible. The longer that you fight him, the smarter and stronger you become. You start to maneuver in the ring with finesse. You duck, dodge, and counter with precision. You’re stamina increases allowing you to stay on your toes longer. The key to winning is simply this: keep fighting. Even when the fight seems unbearable, never, ever throw in the towel. You’ll be battered and bruised, but not defeated. Eventually, you’ll be Buster Douglas. All you gotta do is just, you know, roll with the punches.